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Melanie Betts

 Realtor  Sales Representative 
St Catharines Head Office
353 Lake Street
St Catharines, ON L2N 7G4
(905) 935-8001

I was born in this beautiful Niagara region and began working in real estate when I was very young (first as a passenger!) alongside my dad, a real estate broker and avid property investor.    Looking to expand my experience, I moved to the UK after university to travel and pursue a career in banking and then in the investment industry followed by work in Marketing and PR which took me to Dublin and New York.  After returning to Canada, I decided to get my real estate license so I could combine my skills in investor services and marketing with my prior experience in real estate.  Inspired by my dad’s enthusiasm for client service & his skilled negotiations on behalf of his clients, I am passionate about thoughtfully assisting individuals and families in making wise property investments--no matter the price point-- and to help them establish long-term financial security and build wealth through property ownership.  

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